What a wonderderful celebration!

On Wednesday,  June 21, President of the Whole Fifth Grade was honored as the June selection for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s book club. Kids across the county read or are reading the book in various clubs located in libraries and community centers. Each month, diligent library staff and city employees coordinate the Mayor’s effort to encourage literacy and unity through the city’s Orlando Cares initiative.

To have my book chosen was a supreme honor. I’ve begun volunteering with the city. For years I looked for an opportunity to work with kids. Now I’ve finally found it–I’m working with a community center to lead their book club. And so far, the older kids are reading my book. Now isn’t that awesome. I love working with the kids and listening to their opinions. With the younger kids, since I haven’t created anything for their age group, I’m reading picture books.

This is the best pre-birthday (July 22, thank you very much) an author could  receive.  Thank you , Shannan Webster, volunteer and outreach coordinator Ameri-Vista. Also, thank you to all the community centers, the Orange County Library System and its dedicated staff and to the City of Orlando for its huge heart. And thank you to Marcia Hope Goodwin, Chief Service Office and Director of the Orlando Cares office.

Looks like it’s time to make more cupcake recipes and figure out what’s next on the agenda for intrepid pre-teen, Brianna Justice!




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