I love books! There’s a shocker, right? Hey, don’t get sassy. I love books you can hold and books you can hear.  I’ve picked out four audio gems perfect for that long car ride to celebrate Independence Day.  Our Constitution states you have the right to hear great stories. Um, at least, I think that’s what our constitution states. OK, so while I’m looking it up, you go pack your things. Whether you  do a digital download, such as, or stop at a bookstore and pick up audio books for the road, consider these books–grownup books as well as stories for kids.

GOLDEN PREY, by John Sandford

For lovers of suspenseful  police procedural full of grit, the Lucas Davenport series is a masterclass in plotting, characters and pacing.  A longtime Minneapolis lawman, Davenport has moved on to the  U.S. Marshal’s office and is in pursuit of a killer with no conscience at all. The story grabs you and moves faster than I-95 traffic. Now, if you’re riding with little ones, make sure they’re engrossed in their own games–maybe with earphones. Lucas is gritty and every so often he says a naughty word–or three. This book is SOOOOO good!

THE DRY, by Jane Harper

I listened to this one several months ago. However, it is a perfect ROADTRIP book with its atmospheric moodiness and ability to make you literally feel the heat of the Australian outback.  Falk, an FBI agent, gets a mysterious note that propels him to return to his hometown for the funeral of his one-time close friend, Luke.  Unlike the Prey novels that feature Lucas Davenport as a tough-as-nails lawman brimming with confidence, Harper painstakingly portrays Falk as  a man who learned to take cautious steps out of necessity. After all, he and his family fled their small town in the wake of  murder allegations against Falk. It is a mesmerizing tale of long-lost passions, buried secrets and boiling tempers. You may want to boost the A/C in your car. And the sexy, Australian accent of  narrator Stephen Shanahan heats things up all on its own.


Nancy Drew fans, unite. This is the perfect mother-daughter audio experience. Dad and baby bro’ might get into it, too. Read by the delightful multiple award winner and nominee Laura Linney, this rendition of the classic tales of a teen sleuth are perfect for short ROADTRIP over the lake and through the countryside.  A delicious treat.


Load it into your kid’s tablet, give her earphones and off she goes. But hey, if mom and dad want to listen along, you’ll be sure to enjoy Sienna Jeffries wonderfully narrated version of my book–a story about a eleven-year-old girl who has to multitask between baking cupcakes to sell at a local bakery and keeping the sixth grade running smoothly.  Jeffries fun, fresh delivery helped propel President to earn a Recomendation seal from Parent’s Choice. Fun, sassy and filled with entertainment, she’s the perfect download before you hit the road.



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